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Welcome to CERN Users' Office webpage

Users' Office location :
Bldg. 61
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Opening Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday : 08.30 – 12.30
Monday to Friday: 14.00 – 16.00
Closed Wednesday mornings and on official CERN holidays
Hot news :
France : Extension de la durée de validité de la carte nationale d’identité (décembre 2013) 04.2014
Taxation in France
Assurances "Frontaliers"

Assurance maladie pour les travailleurs frontaliers
Health Insurance for 'Frontaliers'
Health insurance for "frontaliers"

The Users’ Office is responsible for CERN contracts of the Associated Members of the Personnel and for their related Host State documents. The registration procedures are subject to the CERN Staff Rules and Regulations and the agreements between CERN and the Swiss and French authorities.

Before You come we advise you get as much information as possible.

Read the Newcomers Guide  
Find an accomodation (Strongly advised as it is difficult to find in both France and Switzerland): Check Life in Geneva - France
CERN Housing Service for short term accommodation
Compare the cost of living in Switzerland and France as the prices do vary from one to the other.  
Get informed about Schools and Education: Check Life in Geneva - France  
Check with the Installation Service about removals and importation formalities of vehicles, furniture and personal effects  
New Registration  

You have to come personally to the Users' Office and provide the following documents

Maximum length of contract
Users and Cooperation Associates 3 years
Visiting Scientists 1 year

Documents for accompanying family members

Forms and Templates
Once registered you can print an attestation of your association to CERN.

Contract modification and extension
Forms and Templates

You have to provide the following document
  • a new *Home Institution Declaration
    English - French

    (suggested to open with Mozilla Firefox)
    To be completed by an authorized representative of the candidate’s home institution for the purpose of issuing the candidate a contract of association with CERN

applicable for
  • Change of average presence at CERN
If your average presence at CERN is > 50 % and you decrease it to < 50 % you must return your French and Swiss cards to the Users' Office.

These legitimation documents are property of the CERN Host States.
Failure to do so is detrimental to the relation of the Organization with the host states and may lead to serious difficulties with the French and Swiss Authorities who may refuse to establish residence papers if you return to CERN in the future.

  • Change of experiment or project (User)
  • Contract Extension: possible 28 days before the end of contract date

The maximum Length of extension:
- for Users and COAS 5 years
- for VISC 1 year

can be done via

Form English

The following changes require a New Registration for which you have to come personally
  • Any change to a short term contract
  • Change of Category of Association with CERN:
    If you change your CERN contract from Staff or Fellow, to User, Cooperation Associate, Visiting Scientist or between Cooperation Associates, Visiting Scientits and Users, then follow the instructions provided in 'Paid' or 'Partially Paid'
The following changes require a New Registration for which you do not need to come personally
  • Change of Institute
  • Change of Department
Once the changes registered you can print an attestation of your association to CERN.

The original signature from the Team Leader/Department Head is required for the Registration form and the Contract Modification and Extention Form.
In exceptional cases, the Users's Office can accept a digital signature (electronic copy) if the document is sent to the User and to by the signature holder via email or fax. In this case, the User must bring a copy of this email when registering at the User's Office.

The original signature from the reponsible is required for the Home Institution Declaration Form.
In exceptional cases, the Users's Office can accept a digital signature (electronic copy) if the document is attached to the electronic  contract extension and includes a valid signature certificate or similar evidence. The email address of the signatory must be included in this signature.

>> Team Leaders and their Deputies Team Leaders must be officially nominated. Appointment Form English/French

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